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Item Specs
AX 100


  • 16 Departments
  • 200 PLU
  • Serial Port for PC Communications
  • 4 Foreign Currencies
  • VAT Tax
  • Manager Passwords
  • 3000 Lines Electronic Journal
  • Front and Rear Display
  • Silent Thermal Alphanumeric Printer
  • Large Metal Cash Drawer
  • Text logo available


    TOWA TX-500

    A talented, High-speed stand -alone Cash Register or part of an entry-level scanning system.Exceptional performance with advanced security features at a remarkably affordable price.
  • 20 Departments by shift
  • 3000 PLU's
  • 3000 Memory Journal lines
  • Fast noiseless thermal alpha-numeric printer
  • 10 Sales Clerk by ID
  • Training Mode
  • 23 Programmable flags
  • Programmable transaction names
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports
  • Password protection for reports
  • Fully itemized receipts
  • Image Logo (JPG)
  • Time display
  • ISO 9002 Approved
  • Brilliant front and rear display
  • Flat Keyboard available

    SX 590


    TOWA SX 590 II (RK/FK)

    The SX 590 II combines stunning design and low profile with the latest technology to provide the best answer for hospitality and retailing locations. Bar-code scanner, and PC link.
    Stunning design and Extra Value, the SX590 II joins the SMART Range.
  • 10 000 PLU'S
  • Up to 117 'one-touch' PLUS on the Keyboard
  • Report by clerk/server available
  • Pop up customer display can rotate to any angle
  • Message scroll
  • Clerk hold-up to 5 clerks can hold transaction
  • Auto hold by programmed time delay
  • Graphic logo download
  • Silent Alpha-numeric printing
  • Heavy duty cash drawer with media slot
  • Thermal 58mm printer x 2 station (in clam-shell mechanism for easy paper loading)

    SX 590


    TOWA SX 690

  • Optional i button can be used for Clerk selection for security as well as conserve usage of keys on keyboard.
  • Server key compulsory, Log-on/log-off as you put/remove the server key by flag option.
  • Report by clerk/server available
  • Easy to back up and to load the updated application software
  • SD card slot is located in the front right hand side of the ECR for easy access.
  • SD card is useful for sales and programming data back up and also to load the application software.
  • SD card can be formatted in the SX-690 – PC is not necessary to format the card
  • Dual Station Thermal Alphanumeric Printer
  • Cash Register Network up to 8 Terminals
  • Links to Kitchen Printers/ Scale/ Scanner / PC
  • 1500 individual product codes upgradeable to 20,000
  • Full Inventory Control
  • Memory billing with Account control
  • 173 Key flat keyboard
  • Programming help function (No manual required)
  • Mix and Match / Multi Buy promotions with programmable start and end dates.
  • Low order warning
  • Scroll Back, Error Correct and/or Void
  • Customer hold to allow customer queries and avoid queue build-up
  • One-touch Management report buttons
  • Accounting
  • Graphic Logo
  • Time Zone Automatic Price Change
  • Electronic Journal records all transactions

  • The Connection

    The SX-690 can be networked with one another directly without the need of a multiport controller to the PC however each SX-690 can be controlled directly from the PC. The SX-690 can also be connected via modem to the PC. By establishing networks with PCs using Towa Interact Front Desk Software and Sentinel Back Office Software, which has been developed in South Africa by ourselves the SX-690 becomes a powerful POS terminal for larger organizations.